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GMJL Interleague Player Nominations

AFL Goulburn Murray aims to allow participants of the Goulburn Murray Junior League (GMJL) to represent their clubs and competitions in an annual representative program.

The 2024 Interleague Carnival will be held on Monday, June 10, at Mercy Junortoun Sports Precinct (MJSP) in Junortoun. It will include a Round-Robin fixture between the Bendigo Junior Football League and the Murray Football League.

AFL Goulburn Murray will manage the program with the support of a group of volunteers to ensure the best experience for the participants.

A program fee will cover the on and off-field apparel.

Program Management:

  • Director of Coaching: Greg Montgomery

  • Program Administration: AFL Goulburn Murray

Age Groups:

  • Under 13 Boys

  • Under 14 Boys

  • Under 15 Boys

  • Under 16 Boys

Nomination Process:

Only clubs participating in the GMJL can nominate players for the Interleague program.

  • Clubs can nominate up to 3 players per club for each age group.

  • Players must be registered with the GMJL and not be registered at an unaffiliated club

  • Players must be age-eligible for that age group

  • Players on overage or underage permits are not eligible.

  • Player nominations open on April 26 and are due on Sunday, May 6.

Please note: Players may be added to a squad through identification and after consultation with coaches.

Players will be notified of training times shortly after May 6.

Speak to your Club Coaching Coordinator or team coach to express your interest in being nominated.


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